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A group started with the desire to make a positive impact on behalf of children. This group exists with the intent to create a safer environment for  children Online. If your child is surfing the web, you need to be paddling right alongside them or at least observing carefully from the shore. While the internet offers goodies galore (educational materials, fun games, and connections with people all over the world), it can also pose risks to your child’s physical safety and emotional well-being. Here’s what is appealing — and what’s dangerous — about several popular ways kids use the internet, along with suggested rules for keeping kids safe online. The bottom line: communicate with your child. Discuss what she’s doing online and why. Set rules, and talk about them. Then keep talking, since your child can earn more rights and responsibilities as she grows. If they feel comfortable with these conversations, they will be more likely to let you know when she runs into an online Bully or stumbles upon inappropriate content. While keeping kids safe, be a role model with your own Internet habits, since your child is likely to emulate your behavior.

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We work with other online groups to stop online predators